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SimRadios brings a cost effective voice networking solution with a full line of USB audio headset adapters, in-line push to talks (PTT) and network radio software.  We have USB headset adapters for almost every commercial and military headset or handset.  These include most David Clark headsets and headsets with connectors such as U229/U, U329/U, PJ-7, XLR, U-174/U, U-93A/U and PJ-068.  In addition the SimRadios headset adapters are human interface devices (HID) which can read the PTT position.  Our newest headset adapter is the C6200-Mod which is a headset adapter cord that will allow any David Clark H6200-M modular headset to be plugged into a computer USB port. This adapter is similar to the David Clark C62-USB cord but with the added ability to read the PTT position and control the sidetone. Coupled with a FREE copy of our SimPTT software, this adapter cord maps the PTT to any keyboard key and turns on the sidetone while the PTT is active. The SimRadios C6200-Mod is compatible with all David Clark 6200 series modular headsets such as the DC 6230-M and the H6230-M in addition to the U6210 inline PTT switch.

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