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The SimRadio/SimHeadset product line brings an affordable voice networking solution to Windows-based computers. It features plug-and-play USB sound adapters which interface most popular commercial and military headsets and handsets.  This highly-scalable product line ranges from a single user running Microsoft Flight Simulator to a hanger full of full flight simulators.  Our software line offers a variety of defense industry standard IEEE 1278.1A-1998 Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) based network radio communications applications for Windows XP, Vista, 7 32-bit, 7 64-bit, 8 32-bit and 8 64-bit.   The whole system is easily scalable to your requirements.  If you need to add an additional instructor, observer or role player, just add a USB sound adapter to a PC on the network and you're done in a matter of minutes.  Lower level Flight Training Devices (FTD) will now be able to offer radio training with the fidelity of level D full-flight simulators.  SimRadio can provide radio communication between multiple flight simulators for coordinated mission training or to allow one instructor to teach multiple students at the same time.  Combining SimRadio with SimATIS can give the instructor the ability to automate the lesson plan.

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